Digitization consulting

We understand the business digitalisation needs!

We understand the business digitalisation needs and propose the right solutions.

Important stages:

* Identifying the business model and its operating procedures
* Process optimization and document management for various business flows


  • Understanding the business domain and automation needs, that aren’t covered by other solutions in place 
  • Establishing the real purpose of the action and any possible variants in order to select the right way forward
  • Observing the company's processes from a new and unique perspective, compared to the existing one, for optimization 
  • Identifying the best business digitalisation solutions for the current need
  • Establishing the order regarding the document management, data and processes
  • Understanding a customised flow
  • Optimal resolution of difficulties that arise for optimizing processes and document management
  • Structuring and rigor of the business
  • Accurateness and traceability of documents
  • Clarity on the possibilities of the business digitalisation
  • Optimised transfer between manual and digital operating procedures
  • Developing new business digitalisation ideas
  • Eliminating document and process management difficulties for process optimization
  • Raising awareness regarding challenges to be resolved that were not previously defined
  • Knowledge diversification - offering the possibility for process improvement (such as via new notifications/functions in addition to the initial procedures)

  • Drafting the Analysis report, based on which we decide on the actions to be carried out and according to which we ensure the development of the platform
  • Initiating a Proof of Concept (POC), a single-stream custom DEMO, with features designed for platform testing  
  • Documenting and mapping of the business processes (the process logic diagram based on customer communication)
  • Identifying the training need on business digitalization, the entire team could benefit from.