DocuWare advantages in the document management

Management - automation

DocuWare: a document management and workflow automation system that helps you comply with all document-based procedures.

Archiving - indexing

Docuware comes with a simple archiving structure that allows you to index key data, along with organise and diligently control access to documents.

Storage - protection

DocuWare provides the right tools for managing a very large volume of documents that need to be stored, organized and protected.

DocuWare advantages in the document management

  • Adaptable to the specifics of the business model
  • Allows integrations for process optimization
  • Easy to use, intuitive
  • Allows setting up workflows
  • Ensures the document identification by metadata
  • Provides electronic archiving of documents
  • Includes Full-Text Index
  • Allows text recognition by OCR
  • On-Premise or Cloud can be used
  • Provides practical solutions for the Accounting and Human Resources department through DocuWare Kinetic Solutions

Giving up paperwork

Document management using DocuWare can be the first step towards your business digitalisation.

Cost reduction - Save substantially by eliminating the costs on paper and on document storage facilities.

Increasing security - Restrict access to certain documents and information for specific people and prevent tampering. Easily recover archived digital files in case of unexpected disasters such as a fire.

Time efficiency - Reduce the total processing cycle time by 75% in key departments - HR, Finance, IT, Marketing, legal operations and other core activities.

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