We assess and propose the electronic signature solution tailored to the needs of your company!

Electronic Signature

Given the number of options available, selecting the best electronic signature solution can be difficult.

We tested many electronic signature solutions to offer you the necessary recommendations so that you may choose the version that best corresponds to your company’s particular needs and which can be integrated with other systems in use.

 We offer:

- the knowledge necessary for selecting the solution that allows documents to be signed on the go, taking into account the number of users, the size and volume of the documents and the platforms used; 

- the development of functionalities both directly on DocuWare or JobRouter platforms and based on the recommendation of our partners;  

- tariffing options according to the number of signatories required.


The benefits of adopting an electronic signature solution include:

  • elimination of printing, scanning and sending of documents by email;
  • flexible options for signing documents from any mobile device;
  • easy determination of the status of the documents (sent, received, signed);
  • security in the authenticity of important commercial information;
  • automatic notification to the person in charge that a document is available for signing;
  • improvement of the experience offered to customers and collaborators due to being able to easily and quickly sign documents;
  • savings in space and costs of paper and consignment for categories of documents not requiring storage in physical format;
  • continuity and control of transactions;
  • improvement of the company’s relationships with employees and collaborators by shortening the document signing time;
  • reduction of business risks as the processes proceed and conclude in less time.


We facilitate access to the following electronic signature solutions: 


Validated ID or DocuSign for signing documents in a DocuWare workflow ensures that your documents are digitally signed by an established and reliable service provider.


  • Documents are automatically transferred from DocuWare to the reliable service provider whilst notification is issued when a document is available for signing;
  • Electronic signatures are gathered in a single document from all pertinent employees, even in a single stream;
  • Advanced or qualified security levels can be set;
  • Certificates for signing at a central level can be stored with the external service provider so that they can be recovered/retrieved at any time;
  • Documents can be saved with a signature in audited manner in the archive.

JobRouter® Sign, with an electronic signature integrated in the JobRouter platform, modernises the management of documents and respects the legal regulations and standards for certification as a reliable service provider.

Characteristics of JobRouter® Sign

  • Control automatic workflows in the processes of signing, from drafting and execution through to the conclusion of the signing process;
  • Add an electronic signature in any optimised process and launch any subprocesses in the processing of signing;
  • Access complete documentation of all intermediary stages, for all persons involved and a log of actions performed;
  • Archive documents in the event of an audit;
  • Reduce compliance queries and challenges thanks to clear processes and notifications.