We digitise document management and optimize company processes for their teams in order to increase their productivity

What is the current state of digitalization initiatives in medium and large companies?
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Together with our clients, we have been developing business digitisation projects around the world since 1989 and in Romania for more than 10 years

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Document digitisation

Transform the way you manage your documents, upgrading from a cumbersome operation involving printing, copying, saving as different files and physically transporting documents from one office to another, to a simple process that eliminates ...

Process automation

All repetitive corporate activities can be switched to digital. Automated procedures help the company to expand rapidly into new markets and increase organisational efficiency. All processes and procedures are transferred to a single computer platform where...

Business digitalisation

Business development by optimizing processes and procedures allows expansion, opening new business lines and accessing new markets. By digitizing your business, you have real-time access to detailed information and you can quickly identify errors ...


About us

History and references


History of Beck et al.

1989 - The Beck et al. Group was founded in Germany
2005 - The Beck et al. subsidiary was founded in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, with a main objective of providing IT support services to international projects
2010 - Diversification of our services towards business consulting, implementation of digitalisation projects and support for optimal product usage
2011 - Authorised DocuWare partner - product recognised by Gartner, Nucleus and other market analysis companies as one of the best document management products for companies and their objective is to digitize businesses
2012 – Authorisation of JobRouter as a partner - one of the most versatile process optimization platforms and data-management platforms, able to organise with a view to increasing efficiency by digitising processes
2020 - With 40 employees and collaborators and 20 implemented projects, we are proving to be a reliable partner in providing accelerated company digitalisation



Digitalisation consulting

Understanding real business needs and choosing the right solutions. Important stages: identifying the business model and the working procedures ...

Implementation of solutions

Platform installation and integration with the currently-used systems. One of the main advantages we offer is the optimal delivery time ...

Support in digitalisation

We provide support every step of the way. After using 3-6 months of the system, the need for new notifications or functionalities arises, due to ...