Solution Implementation

Installation, integration and advantageous delivery times

Platform installation and its integration with the currently-used systems.

Important stages

  • POC - (Proof of Concept) - observing the platform and the operating procedures for the process optimization; testing and finalising the Analysis Report and the actual implementation - development, programming 
  • UAT (User Acceptance Testing) - the document containing the specifications, the application with the specific functionalities and the test scenarios
  • User Manual the guide on how to optimize processes and document management.

Implementation services

  • The actual implementation of the business digitisation platform
  • Flow implementation, so that the actions of the department involved can become well-structured and organized in order to optimize processes, with a good document management
  • Development of all the elements agreed upon in the Analysis report
  • Operation of the system customized to the needs of the business digitisation.

  • We implement the Analyse resulted from the Consulting stage
  • We recommend naming a project manager to monitor the implementation of the agreed stages
  • We receive feedback and then update accordingly, if the case
  • We connect the platform to external databases
  • We draft the user manual
  • We offer training to a key user who transmits the information to the team
  • If there are any changes in the agreed scheme, we consider changes on several scenarios - which may generate new flows.