Process optimization. Simple. Fast. Customized.


  • Rapid and automated development of internal operational processes
  • Need and price assessment, data collection
  • Transparency on reservations and stocks
  • Reducing time for process activities
  • Maximizing reaction speed


  • Access to an overview of the financial data
  • Cost optimization
  • Efficiency thanks to the  integrated data exchange
  • Creating electronic invoices with information links
  • Electronic archiving and exchange of receipts without material costs

Human Resources

  • Reducing time and intensifying value-added activities
  • Quick access to documents and processes from different locations 
  • Efficient management of changes in different processes 
  • Real-time information exchange
  • Transparency in drawing responsibilities

JobRouter allows the digitization of any internal process (holidays, expense accounts, marketing, logistics, acquisitions) made through different files, by phone, by email or on paper. The flexible, modular and scalable technology offers the possibility of integration with the company's internal applications.

JobRouter benefits

  • Stable platform with a high level of data security
  • Flow customization according to needs
  • Optimization of the company processes
  • Creating unlimited instances in a single flow
  • Adapting the flow design at each stage of a process
  • Sending notifications depending on the status of the process  
  • Short implementation and development deadline
  • Easy integration with the internal and external systems in use
  • The use of already implemented flows is not affected by the development of new functionalities.

JobRouter advantages

  • Creating a personalized flow in maximum 3-5 days
  • Predictability of times and costs
  • A generous number of licenses (300 users)
  • Access to the process optimization platform from any type of device
  • Selective access to information depending on the role played in the process
  • Cost optimization (reducing the number of licenses for other solutions, eliminating paper documents and streamlining time)
  • Easy start in business digitization through JobRouter Solution Templates.

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